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	This directory contains descriptions for the lfuns used by
	Amylaar's version of the LPC parser.

	These are functions that are applied by the parser to the LPC
	objects on various occasions.

	efun(E), master(M), concepts(C), lpc(LPC), driver(D)

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A add_exp AddGuild AddReadDetail
AddAbility AddHpHook AddRoomCmd
AddAdjective AddId AddRoomMessage
AddBodyzone AddInfo AddRoute
AddCmd AddItem AddSkillAction
AddDetail AddLiquid AddSmellDetail
AddDoor AddMaterial AddSoundDetail
AddDropItem AddMoney AddSpell
AddExit AddMoveHook AddSpHook
AddExp AddMsg AddStatMod
AddFoodOrDrink AddPromptModifier AddWizExit
AddFuel AddPursuer ArmourHitFunc
AddFun AddReaction Attack
B BecomesNetDead
C CachedSeerPoints CertifyObject CostStr
CannotHear CheckIgnore CountPolls
CannotSee CheckResistance create_default_npc
CannotSmell CloseDoor CreateBody
CanOnlyLock command_me CreateDropItems
CanWalk costs_for_repair
D DaytimeChanged die DoReact
DeclAdj do_damage DoStructureDamage
Defend DoAttackEvent drink_alcohol
DefendFunc DoPurchase drink_soft
E eat_and_drink EnvironmentBecomesNetDead Execute
eat_food ExchangeValue extra_look
F FindLiquid FindPotion FindTrader
G GetBodyType GetLiquid GiveAbility
GetBodyzones GetMoney GiveEP
GetCmdOverview GetOpt GiveLiquid
GetCurrentTTY GetProbability GiveQuest
GetExits GetZonesByType glob
GetLighting give_notify GuardExit
H HeadLine HideDoor HitFunc
I id IsClosed IsNight
in_color IsEmpty IsOpen
InFight IsEnemy IsPlural
InsertEnemy IsInvincible IsShield
int_long IsLocked IsUnit
IsArmour IsMoney IsWeapon
K kaemm_mich Kill
L LeaveMe LockDoor long
M MakePriceList Message move.ganz.old
MakeValString MNPCExits move
MaterialList ModifyProp move.old
MayAddWeight More
N name NetDeadReconnected NotifyLivingMove
NetDeadEnvironmentReconnected NotifyHpChange NotifySpChange
O OpenDoor
P ParseCostStr PlayerTickles PreventFollow
PayCash PlayerTousles PreventInsert
PlayerQuit PourLiquid PutMoney
PlayerShakes present_objects
Q Query QueryDoorLong QueryLight
QueryAllDoorLong QueryDoorName QueryMaterial
QueryAmountDescr QueryDoorProp QueryMaterialGroup
QueryArmourHitFunc QueryDoorStatus QueryMoney
QueryArticle QueryDu QueryPathDoor
QueryAttribute QueryDuPossPronoun QueryPossPronoun
QueryBodyzone QueryEnemies QueryPronoun
QueryCertificate QueryEnemy QueryProp
QueryChange QueryExpFloat QueryProperties
QueryCoinObjects QueryExpStr QueryProssPronoun
QueryCoinValues QueryFoodCondition QueryQuest
QueryDefendFunc QueryGenderString QuerySkillVerbs
QueryDelay QueryGuild QueryStatMod
QueryDoorDest QueryGuilds QueryWeaponDefendFunc
QueryDoorEventMsgs QueryHitFunc QueryWieldedBy
QueryDoorFlags QueryInfos QueryWornBy
QueryDoorKey QueryLastReset
R reduce_hit_point RemoveGuild RemoveRoomMessage
RegisterArmour RemoveHpHook RemoveSmellDetail
RegisterWeapon RemoveId RemoveSoundDetail
remove RemoveInfo RemoveSpHook
RemoveAbility RemoveItem RemoveStatMod
RemoveBodyzone RemoveMoveHook RemoveWizExit
RemoveCmd RemovePolls repair
RemoveDetail RemovePromptModifier restore_spell_points
RemoveDoor RemovePursuer RestoreAllBodyzones
RemoveExit RemoveReaction RestoreBodyzone
S Set SetDelayTime SetSkillVerbs
SetActiveSkill SetDoorEventMsgs SetStandardReactions
SetArmourHitFunc SetDoorFlags SetWeaponDefendFunc
SetAttackChats SetDoorProp show_age
SetAttribute SetDoorStatus SpecCostStr
SetBodyzone SetFlexedAdjectives StopHuntFor
SetCertificate SetHitFunc StopHuntingMode
SetChats SetProp SuggestArticle
SetDefendFunc SetProperties
T TruncateBodyzone
U undocumented UnlockDoor UnWield
undokumentiert UnWear use_color
V Valid
W Walk Wear Wield
* _cast_ _name_state _QueryLight

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