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	ACL - access controll list
              Neues System zur Zugriffskontrolle

	Dies ist erst ein Entwurf der in Arbeit ist. Im wesentlichen
	dient er nur als Gedaechtnisstueze und Ideensammler.

	Moegliche Rechte:
	l - lookup
	    list the files and subdirectories in the directory, stat the
	    directory itself, and examine the directory's ACL
	r - read
	    read the contents of files in the directory; issue the ls -l
	    command to stat the elements in the directory
	w - write
	    modify the contents of files in the directory
	i - insert
	    add files or subdirectories to the directory by copying, moving
	    or creating
	d - delete
	    remove files and subdirectories from the directory or move them
	    to other directories
	a - administer
	    change the entries on the ACL

        LPC-Objekt orientierte Rechte:
        C - clone
            generate clone - includes L
        L - load
            generate blueprint
        R - remove
            destruct clone
        D - destruct
            destruct blueprint

	all (rlidwa)
	read (rl)
	write (rlidw)

        AFS does not implement per-file ACLs, so for a file the command
	displays the ACL on its directory.

	An ACL can contain up to about 20 entries for users, groups, or both.

	The owner of a directory and system administrators can always
	administer an ACL. Users automatically own their home directories and


	When you create a subdirectory, it inherits the current ACL of its
	parent directory. You can then set the subdirectory's ACL to be
	different from its parent's.
	However, do not make the ACL on the parent directory more restrictive
	than on a subdirectory, because that can prevent users from accessing
	the subdirectory even when they have the necessary permissions on its
	ACL. Specifically, a user must have the l (lookup) permission
	(defined in The AFS ACL Permissions) on the parent directory to reach
	its subdirectories.

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