Ein Gedicht über die Zwergenstadt


Als drittes Werk in der Reihe Little Town veröffentlichte Heinrich nun ein Gedicht über die Zwergenstadt, welche sich in den weltumspannenden Bergen tief verborgen hält.
Little Town III
Between huge hills and mountains,
boldly pearcing the sky,
lies a city of rock,
a prove of the Dwarves might.

By portals no hands can open
choose your words carefully.
Believe in true magic
and soon the city you may see.

A nearby iron mine
feeds the city with ore,
allowing the blacksmith
proud equipment to forge.

In the bar there's always someone
if you search a conversation.
There is also a library nearby
to improve your education

Visit the dwarven king,
his general you shall also meet,
and if you look for some action
in the sewers you should seek.

Inhabited by monsters,
feeding from the gloom,
Tarantula and Proudflesh
won't let you leave so soon.

A church and a guild
are also in town,
in case you like it
you should hang around.

A Shamman and a Bank
are there for all needs.
The jumpstation used
by everyone who leaves.

Built of rock.
Built of sweat.
Zwergenstadt shall stand
for as long as there's a dwarf left.

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