Ein Gedicht über Kulanda


Dieses Gedicht wurde ebenfalls von Heinrich verfaßt. Es war sein zweites Gedicht und beschreibt Kulanda, die Hauptstadt der Außenwelt. Wer schon einmal dort war, wird es sicher auch auf Anhieb erkennen.
Little Town II
Between the great mountains
and the wide blue see
lies a city behind a fort
as protected as it can be.

There are Watchers all around
so there is nothing to fear.
If you want to join them
the headquarters are here.

Land of magicians and sourcerers
Birth of tales and legends and myths.
To become one ask Eduardo
he will give you some hints.

Go visit the mayor
a really nice guy.
But if you see Revolverman
be careful or you will die.

Down by the lake
you will find a fisherman and a couple,
don't disturb any of them
to stay out of trouble

You will find plenty of shops
you will find many bars, too.
Be nice to the employees
They will just as nice to you.

There is even a church
to go to confession.
Never a dull city
you will always find here some action.

Kulanda is it's name
I hope you'll stick around.
Nowhere in Wunderland
You'll find such other town.

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