Ein Gedicht über Kogida


Dieses Gedicht wurde von Heinrich, einem unserer Spieler, verfaßt. Eines Morgens überraschte er uns mit dem Werk und es gab keinen, der nicht begeistert war. Es handelt von Kogida, dem Zentrum des Wunderlandes und Startpunkt aller Spieler.
Little Town
Between all great mountains,
Beyond rivers an seas,
Beyond the deadly desert,
What can you see?

A small little village
with a shop and a bar,
there is also here Kitty's
and Ms. Duffel's is not far.

There is even a hospital
if you need anything.
A tyran queen in a castle
so be careful what you speak.

Over here is the Scarecrow,
over there Tin Man,
if you need any help
they'll gladly give a hand.

The lockerrooms are here
and if you need to send mail
go to the post office, over there,
there are no stamps to be paid

In this small little town
what more can you expect?
Much more, I assure you
just hang around, be my guest.

While a peasent works the fields
and a bird sings quite loud
I welcome you to kogida, my friend,
"Welcome to town!"

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