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        int logon (void)
        int logon (int flag)

        When the driver created a new connection (either by accepting
        it or by creating it with net_connect()) and bound it to an
        object, it then calls logon() in that object.

        The method should return 0 on failure, and everything else on

        If the driver attempted to create a connection in the
        background and failed, it will call logon(-1) in the intended
        object to inform the mudlib about the failure.

        If the master attempted a secure connection in connect(E) and
        did not set an explicit TLS callback, the call to logon() won't
        happen until the TLS handshake is complete. If the master set
        a TLS callback, that will be executed in place of logon().

        LDMud 3.2.10 added the extended meaning for net_connect().
        LDMud 3.2.13/3.3.713 streamlined the handling of secure connections
        during logon.

        connect(M), net_connect(E), exec(E), tls_init_connection(E)

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