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        void catch_tell(string)

        When a message is sent to an non-interactive object, via say(),
        tell_object, tell_room() or write(), it will get to the function
        catch_tell(string). The idea is to enable communications between
        NPCs and from a user to an NPC.

        Messages sent to an interactive object are also passed to that
        object's catch_tell() lfun, _if it has one_. If the receiver
        (or one of its shadows) doesn't have that lfun, the text is sent
        to the socket directly. Only messages sent by an interactive
        object to itself inside a catch_tell are always written to the
        socket immediately.

        This allows text to be filtered and processed before it is
        written to a player.

        enable_commands(E), say(E), tell_object(E), tell_room(E),
        write(E), snoop(E), catch_msg(A)

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