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        Commands that use a line range:
        If no line is given, then curent line is printed.

        p        Print line.
        d        Delete line.
        l        Print line with control characters.
        r file        Read in a file after the line specified.
        s        Substitute patterns. See special documentation.
        z        Print 10 lines.
        a        Start insert mode after specified line. Exit with
        i        Start insert mode before specified line. Exit with

        Commands used without line specification:

        q        Quit. Won't work if file is changed.
        Q        Quit and discard all changes if not saved.
        w        Write the file out.
        w file        Write the file out with name 'file'.
        e file        Edit a file.
        !cmd        Give a game command. For example "say Wait, I am busy".

        As line numbers '.' is current line, and '$' is last line of
        file. Thus '1,$p' will always print all of the file.


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