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        /* block comment text */
        // line comment text <end of line>

        Comments are used to stored arbitrary text in the LPC program
        source. It is a good idea if some if this text explains the
        deeper intentions behind the actual LPC statements.

        There are block comments and line comments.

        Block comments start with a '/*' and end with a '*/'. They cannot
        be nested, so

          /* this /* is */ illegal */

        will treat '/* this /* is */' as the comment.

        Line comments start with '//' and continue until the unescaped(!)
        end of the line (as in the new C standard).

        It is not possible to next block and line comments within
        each other. Meaning: '//' within /* ... */ has no special meaning,
        neither does '/*' or '*/' have after a //.

        /* Simple block comment */

        /* Block comments can
           span several lines */

        // Simple line comment

        // Line comments can \
           span several lines, too!

        //#define LONG_MACRO The unique behaviour \
           or line comments regarding the end of line \
           can be used for example to comment out a \
           large macro with just to keystrokes.

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